Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Beautiful Day

Well here it is Wednesday already, and I really haven't done too much since my last posting. I have, although, been busy with end of the semester stuff. I will be glad when it is all finalized then I can start to enjoy my spring/summer off. Now, by the word "off" I just mean that I can tackle the many tasks that I have left undone for too long now.

My first task will be to get rid of the old desktop computer and monitor that is taking up oodles of space on my table. This was I can use it for my card making accessories and it will give me a larger space onto which I can create.

My second task is to then rearrange my craft space to make it more compatable and user friendly.

My third task is to start!!!!! This will be the fun part and not really a "task" per say.

Well, better sign off now so I can start to plan my day.

Take care all and have a great day.

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