Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fun with Friends

Had a great time yesterday scapbooking and cardmaking with friends.

Hubby has gone away for a couple of day so I thought it would be great to invite friends over and have a fun day of creating. All of you know what I'm talking about when I should see my basement!!!!! I will definitely have to clean that up before hubby gets home :)

I made this card for my a couple who celebrated their 60th diamond wedding anniversary yesterday.

Now I'm busy making bookmarks for my students as school starts in a couple of weeks and thought it would be a nice treat for them the first day. So today I will be finishing them, and I must start on a couple more cards on my list. Am I the only one who definitely needs to make a list of cards to create for occasions. I find that if I don't boy, am I in a pickle as then I'm scambling and when I do that the creative juices don't seem to want to flow...ugh!

Anyway, must get back to the creating so will sign off for now but before I do, let me wish all of you a very blessed Sunday.